Overcast Days and Forgotten Sandwiches

Keywords: Cat, Overcast, Sandwich, Ham

I just boarded the bus when, all of a sudden, the straining clouds were finally released from their heavy burden.

Tap tap tap…. followed by thousands upon thousands more.

The rain drops were pretty big and made nice loud pattering sounds on the metallic roof. I could hear them past the music playing in my earphones, although I don’t raise the volume much anyway. There was a synergy between the violins of Beethoven’s 7th building up their momentum and the torrent building up in furor at that time. A shiver went up my spine followed by trembling and goosebumps.

After a several stops, too many to count, too few to matter, I arrived at my bus stop and started my 10 minute walk home. The rain had subsided to a drizzle. “It’s to bothersome to pull out the spring loaded umbrella.,” I mumbled to myself as I walked along.

That was when I first saw it, a largish brown furry creature with black stripes. I looked at it and noticed one of its ears had sustained damage from a squabble, probably from another cat I thought. He was sitting in front of a house around 50 paces from where I lived. He was sitting in the middle of a grassy area in the middle of the falling spray.

I paused for a moment, and wondered… “If I were a cat, what reason would I have to sit in the middle of the grass, getting slowly but surely damp from the drizzle.” He gave me a short look then looked away again, as if my being there was at first worth a worry, but after looking was dismissed as something that would pass away quickly enough and leave him in the solitude of his damp grass and thoughts.

Two days later, heading home again, this time the rain had just stopped leaving yet still leaving an overcast sky that fresh feeling and scent. To my surprise, there he was again! Sitting in the middle of the damp grass not appearing to be doing anything in particular. I didn’t stop to bother the fellow, and kept on walking. I thought it funny that this cat might be actually enjoying getting wet from the weather. “Cats hate getting wet.,” I thought.

The next day I expected to see him, but he wasn’t there. It was a bright sunny day. And after that successive a week of sunny days erased my curiosity about the cat, replacing it with thoughts of everyday concerns and matters of study.

Earlier this morning I missed the bus going to my classes because I slept late last night. My Aunt had to drive and drop me off to the main bus station before the connecting bus to the city left. This also gave her the chance to stuff a ham and cheese sandwich wrapped inside a paper bag inside my backpack. I have a habit of forgetting that I have food inside my bag and predictably enough I did forget that sandwich.

I managed to get a seat on the bus on the way home before it got filled. I was surprised to see an old friend of mine and we talked for a bit. Turns out she was still at her old job, I couldn’t work much this semester since there’s too many subjects I have to deal with. Engrossed in conversation I forgot to be a gentleman, but later is better than never! I quickly stood up and employed the art of frowning while making whiny sounds <sounds like “mheeeeh… go take the seat..”> and almost being annoying to convince her to sit since I knew she would automatically decline the first offer. Yes the way of the gentleman is being forgotten this age, but those who can remember it must uphold its principles! We parted at the bus stop at the mall where she had to go see a friend and I had to take the connecting bus home.

I’d have completely set aside recollection of the brown rain cat if it weren’t for the rain this afternoon. The rain died down to a drizzle once again and as I walked home, there he was. Sitting, doing nothing. Just sitting there. “Hmmm would he be friendly?” I chuckled to myself. “Aha! I have that sandwich!” I quickly scruffled inside my bag looking for the said item. Good it still didn’t smell. I took a nibble,” yep still good”. I took out half of the ham slice and reached it out to him. He sniffed it twice then backed off a bit and… once again just sat there.

“He must be wary of me watching him while eating.” I stood up and started walking the fifty paces towards home, every two steps looking over my shoulder to see if the cat did take my gift. The last sight I had of him, he was still sitting there, just looking at me.

He probably has eaten that piece of ham now, I wonder if he would be a bit warmer next time I pass him by…. :3

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