A Rainy Morning

Keywords: Rainy Days, Rainbow, Music, Beauty

It has been raining constantly, albeit gently, for the past two days, and this morning it was no different. The cool morning breeze whiffs up the smell of the fresh rain accompanied by nature’s symphony of avian sopranos and droplet percussion.

I woke up pretty late due to the cold morning. It really makes one want to just curl up under the covers and just lie there motionless and continue that dream that was cut off abruptly when you woke up. Patches of thoughts linger from yesterday’s activities: configuration management, cats, and wonderful music.

Now that I think about it… what makes music wonderful in the first place? There must be something ingrained in our heads that allows us to appreciate it since one doesn’t need any particular training to listen and have a basic appreciation of music. Going even further, its amazing how we are able appreciate beauty whether in sound, physical form, or poetry.

Last night I was watching the first episode of Baccano!; a conversation between Carol and the vice-president ensued: “From the time we are children, we have always thought of rainbows as beautiful things. Why is that?”

Beautiful Rainbow

There was also mention of some people of who might be paranoid of rainbows (due to superstition or something similar), but I have yet to meet one. A quick Google search came up with this, but its in a different context from their conversation.

Anyway, this morning I went out for a drive with Grandma and her carer. We went all around the nearby suburbs. Doing so, we saw cows grazing in the gentle rain, swelling rivers trying to accommodate the constant rainfall, and bright yellow chrysanthemums that stood out due to the grayed out weather. Arriving home we sang really old love songs at the top of our lungs before having lunch, warm chicken soup and a slice of sweet rock melon for dessert.

It’s times like these that make me love rainy days.


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