Pet Sitting Days

“A dog will do everything to please you. You do everything to please a cat.”

Mai trolls Hakase and Sakamoto

Ah the wonders of having a pet. Most are cuddly, and some are not so cuddly, but all all of them share their companionship and, if we’re fortunate enough, loyalty to us. This weekend I was drafted for another pet sitting mission.

Mission Title: OPLAN PetKeeper

The Objective: Keep the little guys fed and prevent them from making a mess of the house.

Bonus Objectives: Play with them and make good friends. Have fun while at it.

Target Profiles:

Jack – a lively small brown jumping thing

Jingo – a white walking feather duster

Sari – a big fat black cat with white patches

Mission Log:


Phase 1: Preparations


Wake up. Hang clean laundry done last night outside while its sunny.

Prepare clothes, food enough to last me the entire mission. Strap up gear.


Phase 2: Deployment


Wait patiently for rendezvous with public transport unit, otherwise known as BUS.

Find vacant seat, enjoy the sights and sounds of travel as we head to drop zone.

Walk the remaining distance and secure mission area perimeter.


Phase 3: Action


I entered the staging area KITCHEN, where I found a handwritten note detailing instructions for the mission. Biscuits, and pet food are in the small fridge. …. etc. etc. etc…..

As I entered the room containing the target subjects, Jack and Jingo, immediately attacked me with Playful Paws and Sticky Slobber. The targets were obviously excited. Probably from Lack of Human Contact for the Past Couple of Hours. I reacted by instinct, as the relentless assault continued, I used a Pat their Heads maneuver to defend myself.

This allowed me to keep the subjects at bay although this seemed to prompt cause further agitation. I needed to act fast. Luckily, I was trained for this specific situation. I practiced a defensive technique, Pretend You Don’t Care Because You Have Something Important to Do. It worked! I was able to clean up the area while the targets shifted their attention to each other.

I resupplied their food and water dispensing equipment and proceeded to look for the third subject. The elusive cat. I’ve seen the subject a few weeks before, but before I got close, it ran away. After looking around for a while, I gave up the search. The subject: Sari, seemed to have been highly trained in camouflage, stealth, and evasion tactics. Which is probably the reason I couldn’t locate the target. (That or the cat was outside. 😀   )

I then relaxed a bit and turned on my laptop. I thought it best to be productive and do my assignments. This I did… and finished. Then I suddenly felt a case of extreme boredom. This was bad. If this goes on any longer I would not be able to make it. The only reasonable cure was to actually engage in PLAYTIME with Jack and Jingo. I found a small BALL object nearby and chucked it outside towards the grass inside the yard. Subjects Jack and Jingo rushed forth to grab the BALL object. Jingo picked it up and started shuffling to reset the BALL object’s position inside the house. I forcefully wrestled it from his maw and chucked it like a woodchuck would outside. This time it was Jack who got to it first. Upon seeing this, Jingo turned back in defeat. However Jack was too small to effectively bite the ball. And thus I picked it up and threw it again…

Later that evening, I decided to work on my review of Nichijou which I finished watching a few days ago. I was in the groove of doing so when I saw a familiar black silhouette just peeking from around the corner. “Sari…” I thought to myself. I immediately crouched, to minimize my aggressive intimidation factor to keep the target’s flight impulses from triggering. I then taunted Sari closer with a Sniff My Hand gesture and once the target was sniffing my hand a couple of times, I used another Pat the Head maneuver. That was it, I’ve got the elusive cat under my grasp. Purr… purr… that sound underlined the fact that we were good friends now. :3

Come night time, I had to lock up the dogs inside to prevent them barking at random things, the cat pretty much does what he wants. I then participated in a self hosted solo event of a movie marathon and, after that, got myself some R&R.


Phase 4: Extraction


Next morning, I secured all my gear and ensured the mission area was clean. I also refilled the food dispensers for the canine and feline subjects. Before I left, I saw Sari dozing off in a corner. For goodbyes, I proceeded with Pat Barrages and Rub the Back sequences. I then sealed the mission area with the click of a door knob and walked over to the BUS extraction point with fond memories of my activities.


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