Monster Hunter: Recollection

“Hunters train forever, not just for a day!”

Monster Hunter Title Screen

My PSP is a glorified MP3 player. I also sometimes stick maps of bus routes and schedules in there. The way I use it now is so very very different from a long time ago. That time when me and my friends would have regular hunting parties after classes. A long time ago when slaying a Giadrome was an achievement. I can’t believe that my old save file had more than 600 hours worth of game time on it, excluding the one before it which was corrupted and had 180+ hours on it.

Staring down a Tigrex

I was introduced to Monster Hunter by an avid friend who’s brother had been playing it for some time already. At first I couldn’t get what the game was about. It felt boring. The controls were clunky. The difficulty level was a bit too high.

Run Away!

All of that changed when we had our first hunting party. I didn’t have a PSP back then so I only watched. Then its charm hit me. Everyone was having so much fun. “RUN AWAAAY!” “Get him!!!” “Idiot! why did you knock me down?” “OOOOooo noooooO!” and various other screams echoed through the hallway where the group first played. Everyone had their trademark weapon class. A great sword specialist, a lancer, two dual sword berzerkers, an archer, and a gunner. This game was the sole reason I got a PSP in the first place.

Ah memories.

Our hunting party has completed the game several times over and one of our guys prides himself in accomplishing all of the awards at the end. That jerk beat me just by 2 awards. Good times.

Holding Ground

But then as everybody graduated college, we had to focus on our board exams. And after that everybody had to focus on work. I left the Philippines for further studies here in Australia. I never got to complete all those awards.

I recently reformatted my PSP’s memory card and wiped everything since it started to have frequent errors whenever I saved something new into it. I did a hard restart and guess what popped out? It auto loaded the UMD that was in there forgotten. Then this (<—click the link to feel what I felt!) started playing. A shiver ran down my spine and goosebumps rose from all over. Something stirred inside me, the long dormant soul of a monster hunter.

So for good old times sake, I’ll be giving this another whirl. Although this time I plan to take it on a more relaxed pace. A mission a day? I think this time around I’ll be using a longsword. Time to break out the old claw. The lonely hunter’s nostalgia series begins now.

Yes tiggy, I missed you too.

Hi there Tiggy.


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