Ruffles the White Pigeon

Remember the cat I saw from my first post? Well I’ve decided to call him Drizzles, since he only shows up during drizzly weather. Not that this post is about him. I’ve made another animal friend.

Ruffles - Have some bread

There has always been a lot of pigeons within the campus where I study. They tend to gather under the trees near the center field, the grassy clearance in the middle of all the buildings. There was one particular bird that caught my attention. First, when all the rest of the pigeons were flying away from people. He wouldn’t. He’ll just walk a quick shuffle, or if needed, jump and flap furiously like a chicken to get away. He’s also all white. I’m pretty sure he’s not a dove… but now that I think of it… what’s the difference between a pigeon and dove? Wikipedia has this to say about the topic.

His feathers looked a bit funny to me. He must have some sort of feather condition since he has flight feathers growing where he should have down feathers, and vice versa. This gives him a ruffled look and long feathers on his legs, kind of like Hermes’ sandals, which looks kind of cool actually.

Aaaaanyway… so I took it upon myself to befriend the curious little fellow, since the other pigeons don’t seem to like him that much. For the past few days, I sat around a particular spot and offered him bread crumbs. He was very shy at first and would be all jumpy whenever I moved my legs to stretch or shift position.

I did this the next day and the day after that. And today, my aunt brought back home my camcorder which I forgot at my other aunt’s house a looong time ago. Which enabled me to take this:

My voice here sounds so unenthusiastic for some reason, nevermind it. Also, something messed up during the uploading and the initial few seconds are garbled.

See? He’s all white and ruffly! Told you!

Anyway this time around he was waiting for me at the regular spot. Next time I might bring birdseed or something so it would serve as a healthier treat.


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