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Last Song Syndrome (LSS)

La la la la… lala lala la! Shooby dooby… Scoodooby doo boo pop! La la la la… lala lala laaaaa!

Tommy with a song stuck in head.

“Warning, there is a very contagious condition spreading about. The pathogen is spread via the airwaves, singing, or listening to catchy mp3 files. LSS can also be spread by listening to streaming videos. Subjects with LSS exhibit symptoms of constant singing usually just one song repetitively, to the point that other people get tired of the song yet the subject can’t stop singing. Sometimes the subject himself gets tired of the song, yet cannot stop thinking about it. The tune repeats itself in the subject’s head. At the moment, there is no scientifically proven cure for LSS. You have been warned.”

This past month there have been a couple of songs that have afflicted me so. Hmmm… what do you do to get songs out of your head?

The first song was one I didn’t like that much at first, but eventually it grew on me when they played it as an OP theme for Frontier’s ep17.

Du du du ya!

A few weeks ago I’ve picked up basketball again. Which reminded me… the last time I played was way back in high school when Slam Dunk was airing on TV. “King of Rebound!” I mentally repeated to myself as I played back then. Funny but true.

Of course, what Slam Dunk fan wouldn’t remember the ending theme. “Anata Dake Mitsumeteru” I loved that song, and still do, well except for the whispery background voice that comes in around 3 minutes into the song. Although now that I think about it, I never knew what the song actually said. So I read the translation, halfway through reading, I was lolling in my seat almost to the point of rofling. First, because of the Engrish, and secondly because of how persistent the woman depicted in the song was.

Then I thought, there was another song that had the same feeling to it…. what was that again?…. hmmm…. I strained to remember… then… Oh yeah! that’s it! “It’s Just Love! ki ni kuuu wanai aaaaaitsu…” the ending theme from Gundam Wing. Then of course I proceeded to YouTube hunting for a video. Yep that’s the one! Relena on a safari, striking smug poses and with her wide brim sunhat, then proceeding to hugging wild animals and commanding obedience from a rhino. I then looked for another one with the complete song. While listening, I skimmed through the comments as I usually do. They generally fell into 4 groups…

1) The song is catchy.

2) The song showed Relena’s casual fun side that she doesn’t get to show in the story.

3) “Why does a show featuring giant mecha with gatling guns and beam sabers have a Nat Geo themed ending song?”

and this guy…

4) “The theme of tsunderes everywhere.”

– boomerangfishcb   3 weeks ago

Having just read this from Kidds’ blog a while ago, I thought it was intriguing and immediately searched for a translation. And then it dawned on me. boomerangfish was right! The timing of the glares! even her sunhat and foot tapping now had meaning knowing the lyrics! :3


It’s Just Love –
Sung by: Rumi Onishi
Lyrics from: AnimeLyrics.com

Original / Romaji Lyrics
English Translation

Mae bure mo naku yobidasu no tenki ga ii kara
Watashi wo machi bouke sasete nani you no tsumori

I called you up without any advance notice ’cause the weather was nice
You stood me up, who do you think you are?!

Hashitte kita no wakatte ‘ru kedo sonna koto wa atarimae yo!

I know you chased after me, I deserve more than that!

*Just Love! Ki ni kuwanai aitsu
Ijiwaru wo shichau no wa “suki da kara” yo
Just Love! Ki ni naru kara itsu mo
Muri na koto itchau no
Chotto go-me-n
…Just Love…

*JUST LOVE! Man, I hate him!
I’m mean to you, only ’cause I have a crush on you
JUST LOVE! ‘Cause I’m very attracted to you
I always say impossible things to you
I guess, I’m sorry……

Kyou wa ude ni yori wo kakete go-chisou shite ageru
Parapeko ni shite ie ni kite o-miyage wo motte

Today I ran from your arms as you were taking me to dinner
Starving I went home to wait for a souvenir

Sakarau nante juu-nen hayai Ima ni itai me ni au wa yo

How could I, be so naive, defy you? Now it hurts to meet your gaze.

Just Love! Me wo hikarasete ‘ru no
Sukoshi demo nokoshitara yurusanai wa
Just Love! Kokoro wo kometa kara
Mazui hazu nai ja nai Ajiwatte ne
…Just Love…

JUST LOVE! Because only a little of
The brightness remains in my eyes, I’ll never forgive you!
JUST LOVE! Because what I keep in my heart
Should not taste so bitter should it?



Finally… there’s that chamber music scene from Whisper of the Heart… because of what AceRailgun said… I decided I’m going to self teach myself to whistle as well. I’m doing pretty good for one week’s worth of practice mind you. I’ve been whistling it the whole day yesterday… at the bus stop… inside the bus (albeit more discreetly)… walking… washing dishes…  while I’m front of the computer…

I think that’s a good final song to get stuck inside our heads. What other songs got stuck in your head today?